Its our duty to oblige with the safety standards of our clients industry such as ‘zero tolerance in terms of safety” slogan by miners. “Ignorance of Law is not an excuse” -slogan by private Institute. “Incorrect measurement, No Building” -Slogan by builders. “Time means money” -slogan used by caterers. Therefore safety, effective and efficient production, rendering professional services; develop; and empowering our human capital; merge employment equity; reached higher level of production and/or as wasn’t expected.


Our mission is to be the preferred service provider in the mining industry; building, construction, corporate communication and events management, logistics, litigation and catering positioned to increase our market share and expand more expectation which is merged to our clients.


“Audi alter partem rule” (any problem it does have its solution by acquiring both sites of story), it applies to every institute in South Africa, neighbouring countries and the whole world apply too. Therefore it is our vision to oversee the problems before it happen.


· Honesty
· Loyalty
· Transparency
· Consultation
· Flexibility
· Excellence corporate
governance and productivity